A Visual Guide for the Concept of a “Concept Board”


A concept board is an essential tool for communicating your brand, style and vision to your clients or future employer. It’s a visual representation of you, including the work and inspiration that has influenced you. A good concept board should be clear and concise to ensure that it can be easily understood by those who view it.

What is a concept board?

A concept board is a visual representation of a concept. It’s a collection of images and words that are used to convey a message, often more effectively than words alone. Concept boards can be used to communicate a message, establish mood or theme, create an emotional connection with the audience and tell stories. They are typically created in order to explore ideas before they are developed into an actual product or service.

A good example would be the use of concept boards during marketing campaigns where companies want consumers’ attention before launching products into the marketplace (e-commerce websites like Amazon do this all the time).

How to create a concept board.

A concept boards is a visual tool used to convey ideas, concepts and information. It can be used to present a new product or service, or to help visualize a process. Concept boards are often used as tools for brainstorming because they allow for the organizing of information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Concept boards are made up of images, text and colors that represent how you want your idea/concept/information communicated visually.

What should be included in a concept board.

A concept board is a visual representation of the ideas and concepts that you have around a particular topic. It can be drawn, or it can be created using images, text and other information.

Concept boards are used in many different ways:

  • A tool for brainstorming new ideas at work
  • An aid to help students understand their coursework
  • An outline for an upcoming presentation

Where to find inspiration for your concept board.

To find inspiration for your concept board, you can use Pinterest, Instagram and other social media. You can also go to the library or bookstore and find books that have photographs of work that inspires you. If you don’t have any ideas yet, ask friends and family members for their thoughts on the subject matter. They might have some great suggestions!

If none of those options work for you–or if they do but aren’t enough–look at other people’s concept boards online (or in person). Try Googling “Concept Board.” There are lots of websites out there dedicated solely toward sharing them!

How to use your concept board once it’s complete?

Once your board is complete, you can use it in a number of ways:

  • Use it to explain your idea to others. The main purpose of a concept board is to clearly communicate the concept behind your product or service. If someone asks what you’re working on, show them the board! The more people who understand what you’re doing, the better support they’ll give you when they see that their input matters–and if there’s anything we know about startups and entrepreneurs (and our own experience), it’s that feedback is essential for success.
  • Use it as inspiration when times get tough. Sure, creating something new can be hard work sometimes–but seeing how far along you’ve come gives us all motivation to keep going when things get rough! You’ll find yourself thinking about how far away from launch day we are (or were) instead of focusing on how much longer until we reach our goal… which helps keep those doubts at bay as well!

A visual guide for the Concept of a “Concept Board”

  • A concept board is a visual representation of your brand, product or service. It’s a great way to organize your thoughts and ideas about what the final product should look like, as well as how it will function.
  • To create your own concept board:
  • Gather inspiration from other brands that are similar to yours (this can include competitors).
  • Create mockups using various materials such as paper, fabric, wood etc., then photograph them with natural light so they appear true-to-life in color and texture. If you don’t have access to these materials try searching online for “free mockup templates.”


The concept board is a powerful tool for bringing your ideas to life. It’s also a great way to communicate those ideas to others and get feedback on them before you put them into action. If you’re looking for inspiration or just want some new ideas, then we hope this guide has given you some fresh perspectives on how best use this tool in your own life or business!