Covid-19 Wedding Decoration Decoded And Simplified

As events round the globe come to a staggering halt owing to the coronavirus pandemic, doubts and uncertainty reign. Nevertheless, the time’s right for our society to re-evaluate celebrations in general and for the present generations to consider a wedding makeover. Easing up on resources, not only are we led to prioritize but we can also gift to posterity a cleaner and greener worldview. When expectations of putting up a show are dampened, you can solely focus on how you would want your big day to be. Due to covid protocols Sydney courthouse wedding is also ready to embrace the new normal.

Take charge! If you’re deciding to get hitched during the pandemic, do you! Let the whole event be a reflection of yourself and celebrate with the people closest to you in ways that you personally deem fun. Do your research, opt for wedding decorators who are understanding and accommodative if need arises for expert guidance and execution. Or else, hold an intimate function in a private venue that you can design with the aid of limitless inspiration available to you through platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.

Following are some lockdown wedding ideas for you to streamline the decor and ensure feasibility and safety for an enjoyable experience. Stay Safe in this wedding event and enjoy the sanitize Wedding event in this lockdown Season.

Take A Step Closer To Nature

While an eco-friendly wedding might be harder to imagine on a larger scale and probably out of the budget, the restrictions put on social gatherings have made it a concrete possibility. With relaxations in the finances that come owing to the decrease in numbers, now you can easily prioritize quality over quantity. Go for greener options in the decor, catering, lighting, invites, gift hampers, etc. make liberal use of floral installations, garlands, floral arches, leafy vines, wreaths, branches and other botanical decorative pieces for the display. Yet better is to go for an open venue that already flaunts gorgeous flora, minimising your need to adorn it.

Embrace A Minimalistic Vision

When the number of guests has been limited to fifty and you’re redirected towards a stripped down function, why not adopt a minimalist approach? A light, monochromatic colour palette with only a few decorative elements will lend a fresh and soothing look to the venue. Used to as we are to glam and glitz as integral to the Indian wedding aesthetic, cleaning up the visuals can allow us to explore and be creative in an experimental and unprecedented manner. Tap into the rawness of the place you’re getting married in. soft and inherently breathable, minimalism, by eliminating overcrowding of details, helps you be selective and choose what is really relevant.

Rentals And Sourcing

Popular as wedding rentals are, in times like these you must pay extra care to who you’re hiring from to ensure that they are properly sanitised and suited to your decor plan. Minimise on travel, source from local vendors and hire local artisans. For instance, flower decoration for Covid-19 weddings must be focussed on seasonal florals that are locally available rather than imported ones. For ease of disposability, it is recommended that you rely on fresh blooms.

Coordinate Among Different Teams And Pre-Plan

Plan well in advance so that the different teams are allotted specific slots to work without clashing. This will enable adequate social distancing and smoothen the functioning.

On-Field Safety Measures To Heed

It is imperative that the decorators properly sanitize wedding decorations that are to be employed before placing them. Any waste generated should be disposed off properly. Avoid hanging decorations that might be at a risk of being plucked by children or those on bannisters and furniture- spaces that come in regular contact of people. Find out first the safest place to celebrate your wedding.