Finding the Right Artist to Get Inked

The sharpness of a tattoo is the outcome of a fine art work which can be done only by a good artist. Getting tattooed is an individual choice, therefore it’s important to find an artist that understands your needs and style. After all, the fineness of your tattoo rests on the quality of the artist you choose. A concept boards in the physical sense looks like a collage of images, fonts, color schemes, etc. When you already know about storyboards and animatics you will most likely excel in filming industry.

There has been an increase in the number of professional and well trained tattoo artists. However, there are also a lot of sneaky people who claim to be experts, however, are unskilled and less knowledgeable. Therefore, it is essential that you choose an experienced and a professional tattoo artist to avoid atrocious tattoos. You might want to know what you should consider while selecting a tattoo artist. The attributes given below will help you pick the apt tattoo artist.

a) Expertise

The first thing we suggest you to find out is the expertise level of the artist. Use your probing skills to dig out the artist’s knowledge and experience, ask them what is the style that they specialise in. Avoid artists who have poor experience, they might not be able to give you the quality work and the style that you might be looking for. Be assured that the artist that you pick knows well the style that you have chosen and has a decent amount of expertise in that style.

b) Professional Artist

Look for an artist who is a certified member of a professional body for tattooists in the country. Find out the credentials they hold, also find out if their studio conforms to the basic health standards.

c) Portfolio

Almost all the reputed artists will have a portfolio of their work. Look at the quality of work and then judge their level of expertise. If the artist does not have a portfolio or looks confused when asked questions, this should alert you that this artist might try to fool you.

Carefully examine the pictures and if you want to be sure of their work, ask to meet one of the people who they’ve worked on. Look at the detailing of the tattoos like the tattoo outline, check if the black lines are smooth and crisp, or are they wobbly and low standard. Some other things to note may involve the following: Check whether the tattoo is in sync with the shape of the body. What type of colours is being used? Are they bright and vivacious or dreary and flat? You should also check if the colours are blended smoothly and if the character of the tattoo has been correctly defined.

d) Persona

Judging the art is not enough, it is equally important to understand the personality of the tattoo artist. Talk to the artists for a while so that you get to know them and find out if you can get a ‘Yes’ to the questions below:

Are you comfortable with their conduct?

Is the tattoo artist comfortable and honest to your questions?

Does the artist look interested in the style you’ve chosen and has better ideas for your tattoo?

Is the artist prepared to give you what you want? Look out if the artist is open to your ideas. Try looking for a different artist if someone tries to convince you to change your designs.

Are you convinced about their expertise and ability?

Are you absolutely ready to work with the artist you’ve chosen?

Do you have full faith in the artist?

Every artist has a unique style and you might want to consider visiting various tattoo studios to find an expert who aptly caters to your requirement. It’s worth spending the time and taking the effort hunting for the right tattoo artist who will make you proud with a perfect tattoo.

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