The Graphic Artist Wept

Some people define us (graphic artists) as artistically inclined introverts. In a way, they are right. Most of the time we want to work alone. We do not like being surrounded by people. We do not want being watched. The time that we are most productive is the time when we are all alone. Extraordinary artworks are being produced when we stay focused. The tv storyboard is like a comic strip for your movie, laying out rough sketches and inspiring shots sequentially to start telling your story.

Some people find it difficult to understand our way of expressing art. It seems like they can’t understand everything we did with our artwork. They find it too difficult to appreciate our finish product. Every detail we inserted is part of the great picture but some see it as a major error. Sometimes, the perfect picture for us is the worst artwork they have ever seen. It is very challenging to make it easy for the people to understand and appreciate what you have done because everyone has a different point of view and perspective when it comes to graphic arts and design. There will be times that only an artist would appreciate what the other artists do; this is the reality.

Now, when graphic artists enter the industry, they find it hard to mingle and deal with other people because most of the time no one understands them. No one understands how they think or maybe no one really care how they feel. We feel bad when people throw sharp words and leave us hanging. In our own experience, artworks that people require us to do are the crappiest work we have done. It is not easy to make people satisfied and give the product they really need. It requires a lot of time, trials and errors, and the goal of a graphic artist in the industry is to give them choices always and go beyond their expectations.

No one would ever understand how graphic artists think. There will be times that it will be really confusing. Yes we love to work alone but the moment we’re done, we may now talk. We love working alone, we hate being surrounded by a crowd, and we do not want being watched ONLY when we are working. Not all graphic artists are introverts because in the industry, it requires us to mingle and deal with different types of people. Graphic artists are still people, and we still have feelings and senses, so stop saying “You are the designer, you know what to do.” and never leave us hanging. Read valuable information to understand how graphic artist work.

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