Ultimate Gut Integrity Bolstering For Every Pup

How much love a pet can bring to its human family is something indescribable and absolutely precious. As a responsible owner, one tries to make sure they provide their dog or cat with nutritious food, comfortable shelter, ample exercising, and loads of love, but focussing on the gut health is a crucial step. You might still worry that you’re not quite hitting the healthy pregnancy diet mark, worry no more there are a lots of good food for pregnancy that you can follow.

Very much like humans, the very core health of pets is dependent on the health of their guts. A gut microbiome is a unique cumulation of a myriad of single-celled microorganisms in its digestive tract. The G.I. tract is the largest immune organ which is the pivotal agent in the killing of toxins and avoiding the entrance of bacteria in the blood flow.

Additionally, the imbalance in the bacteria that are present in the gut can cause a disturbance in the absorption of crucial nutrition and cause disorders like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The main cause of inflammations being a source of series of issues is that when they occur, the swelling occurs in the large intestines, during which they are unable to remove water well and causes problems such as dog diarrhea and loose stools.

Unfortunately, the microbiome can easily stray from its ultimate requirement stemming from various factors like antibiotics, change of diet, external contaminants, stress, vaccinations, ageing process, et al. The ultimate solution to overall healthcare of the centre of goodness for these fuzzlings is the elixir of probiotics, which are known and proved to provide solid and optimal immune system fortitude.

Researched and manufactured to aid this health challenge of gut integrity, is a one-stop solution – ‘FidoBond TM’, a new introduction which is a unique combination of Probiotics, Pectin, Kaolin, and Dextrose which amalgamates to act as a solid electrolyte balance. It is retailed in 30g sachets, which can be consumed by dogs of all ages with various consumption limits to ensure their immunity intact.

It has various positive indications on the pet’s health, like:

  • Improvement in gut health and digestion.
  • Fortify immunity and reduce diarrhea and prevent toxins adsorption.
  • Reduction of electrolyte loss due to dog diarrhea.
  • Improves absorption of the digestive material.

This will ensure a fast recovery and bring back the joyful creature to life.

Fidomate focuses closely on creating pet healthcare and welfare products that help every pet owner. It stands for loyalty and faithfulness to its customers by helping them reward their pets with perennial happiness and strong prevention against deadly diseases. Fidobond is one amongst many other dog products that ensure the well being of your pet dog. Now, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s health. Just like dog diarrhea, there is various other illness that might happen to your pet dog. It is important to have the reliable products and vet to care for such situations. Call an expert for your gut health issue.