Corral Boots Make a Fashionable Statement

To make a great fashion statement turn to cowboy boots. The versatility of cowboy boots allows them to be worn all year long. During the summer months, pair your boots with a nice light dress or skirt. In the winter, boots can be worn with a pair of dark bootcut jeans. Cowboy boots can really be the piece of your outfit that can set you apart from the crowd. I have selected these Corral ladies’ cowboy boots just to show that even within a brand there is a great deal of different styles, textures and materials. Buy outdoor ugg boots online because the material that they are using is suitable for winter.

The handmade Corral boots have some of the same qualities that a Justin,Tony Lama or an Ariat boot have, but also some unique and not so typical features. The different design elements give the Corral boots their own style. I will start with a more classically styled cowboy boot. This 11-inch boot is crafted from Brown Nahm leather and features some light distressing. The pointed toe, which is a classic feature, really spotlines the fancy toe stitching. No boot would be complete without an elegant leather upper and of course this boot does not disappoint. This is a very versatile boot that can really be paired with anything. I would recommend that if you do not own a pair of cowboy boots to pick up a pair of these boots because they make a great first pair because they are extremely versatile.

Quick Features:
Brown distressed nahm w/ fancy toe stitch
11 inch brown distressed nahm top with fancy stitch
Sharp point x toe
2 1/8 inch heel
Regular insole
Leather outsole

Next, I will move on to a very distinctive boot with a little more pizazz. This boot is made by Corral as well but features a more innate design and a wilder, more electric look. The Ladies’ Mad Dog Goat Boot has some of the same features as the Nahm boot like the light distressing but that’s where the comparisons stop. These hot rods feature a black and red leather upper with a wing tipped brown toe to that really sets off the black and red on rest of the boot. The Mad Dog can be dressed up to go out and paint the town red or dressed down to suit a more casual setting.

Quick Features:
Red Ice Mad Dog Distressed Goat Foot w/ Fancy Wing Tip
13 Inch Red Ice Mad Dog Goat Top with Fancy Stitch
Sharp Point X Toe
2 1/8 Inch Heel
Regular Insole
Leather Outsole

These boots are a great example of just how much a pair of boots can add to any outfit. The type of shoes a person wears can sometimes tell you a lot about their personality and these boots allow you to show off A LOT of personality. These boots offer hand-made quality at a reasonable price point. Since Corral takes the time to pay attention to the little details, the consumer really wins because you have a product that looks great but it’s also something that will last you a lifetime.

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