Wedding Memories are Forever

“What happiness was, Let the memory live again” These immortal lyrics* from the song “Memory” (Cats musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber) is what a wedding is all about. The wedding day is special for the bride and groom. Preserving the memory of this event is a task that is best left to professionals who understand the medium and can present the results in a manner satisfying to you. For each bride and groom the memories of that day are unique. In a wedding registry Sydney these monetary gifts are really up to your imagination.

Selecting the Videographer

The time tested solution is to view previous works. For example there are many wedding videographers in Surrey. A quick glance through their websites and their sample portfolios will give a clue as to their style and presentation. With the use of high definition technology that includes 4K resolution the quality of the work can be technically “up there” vying with movie quality. What you will need is the X factor. Does it tug your heart? Does the work of the videographer tell the story? Your story is unique and so are the stories of the samples in the various wedding videographers of Essex websites.

You are the principal actor in the story that is going to unfold. You are also the judge of preserving the moment. The videographer is your tool. Select him or her when you feel the vibe, that heartfelt tug, that little tear forming. This is your reality show.

Affording the Best Videographer

Do the videographers list a charge for telling the story with passion? They can use words to describe their job. But it is you who will have to decide. It is akin to being Simon Cowell (the judge and creator of reality television X Factor).

Go for the best. The cost can be easily taken in stride by dropping carefully placed hints with friends and relation who can pool together and give you the best gift. You can list on your wedding registry with the details. It is a win-win for all. The guests are happy to give you a gift they can afford and importantly that you will cherish. You get the memories at registry office wedding ceremony.

How to ensure you get the best videographer?

Follow the KIS principle. Keep it simple. Once you have selected the videographer spend some time and give him or her insights of your personality and your environment. Look for a videographer who can give you the time. If they are too busy with a lot of wedding videography commitments then you may have to cast your net for a videographer wider. The insights that you allow the videographer will tell her or him of your likes, dislikes, your preference for tradition.